About Us
BPS technologies are primarily targeted at security markets requiring optimal power solutions, bandwidth sensitive, demanding special purpose visual data recording sensors.

Our pioneering commitment and expertise developed in house during past five years here in Estonia is focused on developing core technologies built around our own innovative audio video compression platforms.  Enabling, Total Turn Key solutions integrating mobile sensors in the field with built in wireless options connecting real time streaming compressed proprietary data content to the BPS server side complete with secured on line event handling and real time Database interfaces.

Developed, primarily to meet threats at remote sites, temporary or in transit sensitive cargo and vulnerable confrontational situations. Together with UK partner Promethes BPS are currently working to effect technology transfer of special purpose vision analysis techniques for use in our visual sensor products for next generation mobile and fixed surveillance devices towards major public infrastructures airports, shopping malls and hospitals. End users secured for this technology include Airports operator BAA, Dublin Airport and French Rail operators SYTRAL.

Our Core Competencies


  • Time critical low level code for programmable logic devices, micro controllers, DSPs,

  • Embedded real-time firmware,

  • High level user interfaces,

  • Database management,

  • Web server applications.

  • Extensive experience in-house on a wide range of platforms and operating systems.   

Algorithm Development
In-House original algorithms developed primarily in the fields of of audio and video signal processing.

Electronics Design
High reliability, high speed low power electronics engineering and PCB designs.
Proactive modeling and analysis. Agile whole-system and component prototyping.

Integral Services
From solving specific well-defined problems in both hardware and software
to complete development cycle from concept to prototype

BPS Technologies are available for licensing in markets ranging from mobile convergence devices to audio-video OEMs, towards various security services market.
BPS are located in Tallinn, Estonia with the research Team and Office based within the Tartu Science Park, with UK commercial support partners based in London.

Quality Policy
Quality means providing excellence for both internal and external customers with products and services which fully satisfy their requirements. We ensure that all manufacturing and assembly procedures are ISO. 9001 certified.

BPS operates a continuous improvement program for the quality of its products and services. Continuous improvement is achieved through regularly reviewing process performance against customer expectations and through the total involvement of both employees and partners.
BPS has invested in, and works with, a number of other companies. The following represents our core partners

EUROWATCH is an innovative multi-country service that addresses escalating crime against vehicles and freight throughout Europe. www.eurowatchcentral.com

Promethes Ltd
Promethes Limited is a consultancy company with specific expertise in the knowledge transfer process, specifically in intelligent computer vision technology applied to the security, facility management and asset management areas.
BPS  are working with Promethes to effect technology transfer of special purpose vision analysis techniques for use in our visual sensor products. www.promethes.com

A manufacturer of industrial electronics, providing PCB device assembly for BPS.

Tartu Science Park.
Tartu Science Park (www.teaduspark.ee/?q=eng) is a member of Pan-European IRC network (www.ircnet.lu), a market place for innovation.

Project Samurai Partners
The consortium is strong and balanced, with 9 full partners including three large end-users from 6 EU countries, plus an additional 11 external end-users on our User Advisory Group.

Lead coordinator,
Queen Mary University London (UK)

Project coordinators, Object detection, tracking & Categorisation

University of Verona (Italy)
Video analysis and event recognition, 3D acquisition & reconstruction

ElsagDatamat (Italy)
Industrial, one of the most important players in the security industry and is part of the larger Finmeccanica  Group, worldwide known for its activities in the defence and security markets.

Waterfall Solutions Ltd (UK)
A specialist on sensor and data fusion algorithms.

ESAproject (Poland)
Industrial, security systems integration

End Users
SYTRAL (France) Railway operator,  Dublin Airport (Ireland),  BAA Ltd (UK) Airports Operator

User Advisory Group
ConiServizi,  EDS Defence, QinetiQ, Skorpion Security, Konsalnet System, Municipality of Grosseto, FIERA DI GENOVA, Swiss Railways -Public Security, Upper Silesian Aviaton Group, Manchester City Council, Aeroporti di Puglia

BPS Management Team

Leon Borthwick
DipEng, CEO BPS Technologies

A founding director of BPS with extensive electronics industry experience in satcom, radar and avionics areas and more recent experience in wireless type approval.
Leon runs all of the operations, management, administration, business development and overall stratagy for BPS.

Mick Nichol-Smith
Commercial Director

Successful entrepreneur with over 30 years experience in taking start up businesses to successful multi million pound enterprises. Director of a number of companies with a wide range of business interests in the building industries, care services and high tech sectors. Mick joins the BPS board to develop and direct commercial activities during this exciting phase of the companies development.

Paul Pignon BA
CTO and co-founder of BPS.

Paul brings to bear wide-ranging experience, from postgraduate studies in physics at Oxford through computer music, signal processing software and hardware development, teaching and writing papers, to running a software contracting company in Sweden, subcontracting to Ericsson Radio Systems and many other companies. Able to take the lead at all levels, from DSP assembler coding to overall design strategy and project management, he is the driving force and fulcrum of BPS' engineering expertise.

Robert Koger BEng
Technology Consultant to BPS

Founder of several technology companies involved in technology transfer from the research environment into industry. He has extensive engineering and management experience in the Defence, Aerospace, Electronics, Medical Imaging and Software sectors and is a director of several technology companies.

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